Crows in the Pipal Tree

Under The Pipal Tree (Deluxe Vinyl Reissue)
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Offering banana to beggars.

September 2008

Offering a yellow colored sweet boondi to crows. Watering a peeple tree on Saturdays or daily. Offering salted pranthi with mustard oil applied on it, in pieces to crows daily morning. Donating black pulse or salt or mustard oil on Saturdays or daily. Watering a tulsi tree on Wednesday or daily. Donating green leaves Palak to cows on Wednesday or daily.

Ficus religiosa bonsai, How to make Peepal bonsai

Offering fine quality food articles to crows like sweet rice made in milk burfy, rasagulla, etc. Even you might be following this tradition, although unaware of its benefits. Today, we tell you the reason why this magnificient tree is worshipped in Hinduism. The leaf, bark and roots of this tree are of utmost significance in Ayurveda. Its leaves help cure asthama, fever and cold.

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Amazingly, the two cobras would crawl back on top of the gate and take a nap till it was time for my father to come back. In an extraordinary understanding of time that probably came from a study of the position of the sun on the boughs of the Pipal overhead, they always disappeared before my father arrived on the scene, so we never had to repeat the ritual of clapping our hands to rouse them.

It was in times like these that I was once out picnicking by the riverbed with my air rifle beside me: I knew it would protect me from tigers and leopards simply because I was a fine shot and a pellet through their eye would enter the brain and kill them. Those were the days of dreams that almost always came true.

Do you need rocket science to grow peepal tree in home?

As I sat back and munched on the sandwiches my mother had made for me and shared them with Saila, my trusted gun-bearer, I heard a strange hissing sound from behind a mound of earth, not more than 50 yards away. Excited, I felt it might be the sneeze of a big cat or the rummaging of a wild boar.

I picked up my gun and asked Saila to go check what it was. Saila was a veteran I guess that is why my parents trusted me with him and stealthily crept up to the mound to look around it. As a precaution, he coughed like a leopard and threw a stone to land just under the mound.

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In a monumental heave and with a trumpet that made the cotton fly off the tops of Simbul trees and shook the earth beneath our feet, a colossus of a wild elephant what we had in our idleness thought was a big mound of earth stood up and spun around. Travelling at over mph, Saila flashed past me and disappeared into the horizon behind me.

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I stood staring at the mammoth with my adrenaline cooking up strange formulae with my spleen and respiratory systems and, in particular, my bladder. After an eternity during which my very existence on the planet hung in the balance, the Goliath retreated from the David whose air rifle was poised to end his Pachydermian glory, if he took one step towards me.

Tales from the great banyan

Every year, I return to those places in Assam to be reminded of the excitement I grew up with and the bounties of the natural world that helped me exist in a dream world of fantasies, fantastic animals and birds and plants. I could fantasise. I could imagine.

I pray, closing my eyes, recollecting the hymn displayed near a similar huge tree in the Sreekanteswaram Temple premises, which I visited earlier. Now we talk about the necessity of saving the Nature; our elders worshiped her!. Circumambulated them, in reverence, performed their wedding by tying yellow and saffron threads. How thoughtful!. How efficiently they search my blood vessels, stealthily suck my blood and fly of proclaiming their victory.

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Origin of Peepal Tree in the Hindu religion, Peepal tree has a lot of reverence and significance for people. It is here in this ghost town where one can find a supposedly haunted elm tree known for a variety of high strangeness. It is especially useful for patients suffering from Jaundice. The tree is also said to produce peculiar sounds and that if one puts their ear up to the rough trunk they can hear various gruesome sounds such as grunts, wailing, screaming, and crying, or conversely the perhaps even creepier sound of children laughing or playing. I read that Copper sulphate works for this..

The other day, I had been to a similar high-apartment and was pleased to see a harsh-voiced, dark skinned crow, approaching the widow- sill to collect the snacks served affectionately by the house lady, The moment she was sure of the feed, the bird invited her friends and relatives and in group, enjoyed every piece of the food made available. Our father believed that the crow was none other than his forebears in disguise, from another world.


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